The National Environmental Health Association
National Radon Proficiency Program

Residential Mitigation Provider

Individuals holding the Residential Mitigation Provider certification have demonstrated knowledge of radon mitigation techniques as applied to residential structures. Although this classification is specific for reducing radon in buildings similar to homes, it does not preclude the individual's ability to apply these skills to larger buildings. In all cases the consumer is advised to verify experience, references, licenses, and skills for the nature of work to be performed. Certified radon mitigation service providers have also agreed to abide by local laws as well as the mitigation techniques detailed in the U.S. Radon Mitigation Standards.
Checklist for Consumers

Mitigation Providers by Area

Lists are generally updated on a weekly basis.
Consumers are advised to check surrounding states and cities when searching for radon professionals in areas near state borders.

Canadian Mitigation Professionals

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