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Renewal Information

A significant distinction has been defined between individuals who analyze radon measurements in the field (on behalf of a client), and individuals who place devices analyzed by third-party laboratories. Either measurement approach will require the basic "Residential Measurement Provider" certification. The NRPP ID card, and the NRPP website, will indicate all additional measurement services a person is certified to offer.

The following provides a brief description of the measurement certifications and their sub-levels:



Residential Radon Measurement Provider

Standard Services

Places and retrieves measurement devices for analysis by a certified laboratory.

Standard & Analytical Services

Places and retrieves measurement devices for analysis by a certified laboratory, and/or analyzes specific measurement devices on behalf of a client (but not for other measurement professionals).

Analytical Laboratory

Analytical Laboratory Distributes and analyzes radon measurement devices to certified measurement and mitigation firms or to the general public.

Residential Measurement Provider

Standard Services

Individuals holding the Residential Measurement Provider certification are authorized to place devices that are analyzed by NRPP certified analytical laboratories and to interpret the results obtained from these measurements in accordance with U.S. EPA protocols. For example, individuals placing activated charcoal devices or liquid scintillation vials that are sent to an independent laboratory would fall into this category, as would individuals placing blind continuous monitors, provided the data is analyzed by a certified third-party laboratory. If an independent third-party individual or organization provides test results to include in a report to a client, the standard service measurement provider is the appropriate certification.

To maintain certification one must follow the quality assurance and quality control guidelines as required by the previous U.S. EPA proficiency program. Furthermore, one must accumulate the requisite number of continuing education credits prior to renewing again in two years. See discussion on continuing education credits.

Although this classification is specific for measurements in homes, it does not preclude the ability to conduct radon measurement surveys in large buildings, or to take samples for radon in water, provided that the appropriate protocols and procedures are followed.

Analytical and Standard Services

A Residential Measurement Provider's certification may be supplemented by offering Analytical Services. The analytical distinction is specific to devices for which the individual has demonstrated proficiency and for which the individual may deploy and analyze on behalf of a client. The primary distinction between this category and that of analytical labs is that only two parties are involved: the measurement professional and the client. A person holding this certification is also certified to place and retrieve devices analyzed by third party laboratories.

For example, a person utilizing a continuous monitor that produces the actual result to be included in a report to the client, or someone who deploys and measures the voltage for electret ion chambers, would fall into this category. However, if a person analyzes the electret for another measurement professional, analyzing the device would be considered an Analytical Laboratory activity rather than that of a residential measurement provider.

Device Groupings:

It has become apparent that a degree of simplification can occur by grouping analytical devices, based upon measurement methodology and the device manufacturer. In the previous EPA program, each configuration of a measurement system was considered a separate analytical device and assessed a separate listing fee. In the NRPP, certain combinations of devices have been grouped for an assessment of a single certification fee. One QA/QC plan will be required for each measurement group, supplemented with calibration charts for each device configuration.

In addition to the basic residential measurement provider renewal fee described above, an additional $75.00 fee will be assessed per device group. For example, if a person uses an electret system and performs measurements using an L chamber with an LT electret and an S chamber with an LT electret, the fee will be a combination of $145.00 and one $75.00 fee (to include both configurations of electrets and chambers). However, a QA/QC plan that addresses both chamber and electret configurations must be submitted, and annual calibrations must be performed on each reader in service.

If you wish to add devices at a later date, the $75.00 device fee will be prorated on a quarterly basis for the time remaining in the two-year basic measurement credential.

A table of devices has been developed to help identify the group within which the various devices fall, and to cross-reference new NRPP device codes to EPA's previous device codes.

Device Quantity and Calibration:

You must submit proof of calibration within the last twelve months for each measurement device. Each device must be calibrated annually and the calibration date will represent the anniversary date by which future annual calibrations are to occur. The proof of calibration must show:

• Manufacturer name
• Model number
• Serial number
• Date of calibration
• Name of facility performing calibration
• Calibration results (e.g. efficiency)

Remember: pay only $75.00 per device group rather than for each device used!

Certified Analytical Laboratory

The Analytical Laboratory Certification is for individuals or firms that analyze radon and radon decay measurement devices on behalf of residential measurement providers and/or the general public.

All laboratories must identify a Responsible Party. This individual must be certified as a residential measurement provider. If no one is currently certified as such, please request a new application brochure from NRPP. Devices included within a laboratory certification will automatically be included on the Measurement Certification of the Responsible Party, at no additional device fee. For example, if a lab is certified for electrets and continuous monitors, the measurement certification for the Responsible Party will be required to pay the appropirate fee. However, the electrets and continuous monitors will not require any additional fee, but they will appear on that measurement certification which will also indicate the person is offering Standard and Analytical Services.

QA/QC Plans and Performance Testing

NRPP Performance Testing and Calibration Policy

Since the inception of the program, the NRPP has required that Standard and Analytical professionals using analytical devices, including Responsible Parties for Analytical labs, these professionals must complete initial calibration and performance test for Certification and that the Performance Test has to be repeated on a biennial basis (every two years) in order to maintain certification and the calibration must be done annually. Analytical Laboratories should reference detailed requirements for calibration on this page: http://www.nrpp.info/measurement_lab_calibration.shtml

Certified individuals are to follow the EPA guidelines as described in Indoor Radon and Radon Decay Product Measurement Device Protocols, EPA 402-R-92-004, July 1992, and Protocols For Radon and Radon Decay Product Measurements in Homes, EPA 402-R-92-003, June 1993. Copies may be ordered from the U.S. EPA. Information is available at: http://www.epa.gov/radon/pubs/index.htm For Multifamily Homes they are to use and reference the ANSI-AARST Protocol for Radon Measurements in Multifamily Buildings, ANSI/AARST MAMF 2012, available at www.aarst.org/bookstore.shtml

Continuing Education (C.E.) Requirements:

Continuing education (CE) credits are required during each two-year certification period. CE credits must be obtained from approved continuing education programs (Category I) or a combination of educational programs, radon conference attendance, and radon public outreach efforts (Category II). Approved courses may be found on the NRPP web-site. NRPP is committed to encouraging the development of new and relevant continuing education courses.

The following requirements apply to individuals certified as Residential Measurement Providers and/or Residential Mitigation Providers. The requirements below are identical to what the U.S. EPA required in its former proficiency program. Continuing education is not required of Analytical Laboratories, other than for the Responsible Party who must be certified as a Residential Measurement Provider.

Individuals with Either Measurement or Mitigation Certifications:

Individuals with both Measurement and Mitigation Certifications:

Category I 16 hours every two years or

Category I 24 hours every two years or

Minimum of 8 hours Category I every two years and the balance in Category II, every two years

Minimum of 16 hours Category I every two years and the balance in Category II, every two years

Click here for list of approved continuing education courses.

Approximately 8 weeks prior to your certification, you will receive a renewal application in the mail. Please ensure that you inform the NRPP office of any address change. Renewal applications will include information in your current database record. If any information is incorrect, please make the changes on the renewal application.


In our efforts to make the NRPP program as cost-effective as possible, we do not want to neglect the needs of a number of individuals for additional services, nor do we want to impose additional costs on a general basis. Consequently, we have developed options for individuals who desire a photo ID card or an 8" X 10" certificate (to frame or include in a Qualification Statement or resume).

We will list - and link - home page addresses of certified individuals on the Internet at no cost.

Should you have any questions, please contact us via E-mail ~ info@nrpp.info
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